Our Team

José María Fernández Quinquer (Chief Executive Officer)

As a consultant, Jose Maria specializes in managing change due to the deployment of information technology. In this discipline, he has worked in large customers in areas of process re-engineering, organization design, building and deployment of applications and audit of externalized information systems (outsourcing).

His career has gone through three 10 years terms, where education has been a common denominator. He has worked in IBM for 32 years where he certified as Senior Managing Consultant, starting in manufacturing as systems analyst, then as instructor and curriculum manager in the European IBM Education Centre of Brussels, and in his last term managing projects and teams in large IBM customers. Since 2010 is a partner at Adhoc Learning and professor at the MBA of Escuela de Organizacion Industrial based in Madrid.

José María has a degree in Telecommunications Engineering by Barcelona Polytechnic University and he has attended numerous professional education programs.

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Santiago Moral (Chief Technology Officer)

Santiago is the specialist in designing and developing knowledge driven solutions for sales, marketing and customer service. He is focused on improving business results through applying technology and pedagogy, therefore customer education. He has been a consultant for almost 20 years, in e-marketing, CRM, Business Intelligence and e-learning.

He started working in IBM in 1992 in an internship and worked for IBM and subsidiaries during 12 years in different consulting, sales and executive positions. From 2004, he is entrepreneur and owner of Adhoc Learning and from 2006 to 2009 collaborated also with an interactive agency.He has Bachelor in Chemistry and MBA by ESADE Business School.

He is born in Barcelona, lived in Madrid from 1999 to 2005 and from 2009 to 2012 in Germany and since summer 2012 in Singapore.

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Catalina Norato Cerón (Business Development Manager in Central and South America)

Catalina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with teaching majors in Spanish and Foreign Language Instruction (English) and a Master of Arts in Education with a Specialization in Culturally Responsive Teaching.

She has worked teaching children as well as university students. In the field of technology and E-learning, she has had the opportunity to teach online while applying models such as Blended Learning and Flipped Learning and making use of LMS platforms.

Her experience and passion for learning motivated her to support the Adhoc team.
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Hervé Beraud (Business Development Manager for French speaking countries)

Herve is an expert in blended learning with a solid international experience in leadership roles in HR, Finance and Operations in various sectors and contexts

This large diversity of stories enables him to pilot complex change projects and design innovative instructional itineraries that develop and engage talents meanwhile growing business

Passionated about Augmented Human, Herve designs and runs digital tools in order to enhance professional gestures and facilitate collective intelligence

Fluent in French, English and Spanish, he’s worked with more than 30 nationalities in 4 continents and lived in 3 countries (France, Spain, Tanzania)

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Annekathrin Baer (Business Development Manager for German speaking countries and Australia)

Born and raised in (East) Germany followed a two years course in Landscape Architecture / Landcare at the University and also obtained a Teaching Aptitude.

In 2004 Anne moved to Perth for work related reasons and decided to stay permanently 2 years later. After taking some time in upbringing her children and looking after the family she used her landscape / horticulture knowledge nowadays with the  running and managing of her Family Hobby Farm. She is growing grapes, olives, an abundance of Fruit trees like cherries, peaches, apricots and plums and look after a healthy lifestock of Chicken and Geese.

She has developed and expanded her teaching skills working as a language teacher. Here she began to understand and see the importance of a sophisticated, but easy to manage online learning system including management features, reporting and grading systems and most importantly virtual classrooms. Hence she was delighted to be asked to collaborate with Adhoc Learning / Adhoc Language.

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Karin Hammerum (Business Development Manager for the Nordic Countries)

 I am a strong believer in lifelong education as life is ever changing. With changes comes new opportunities and things to learn

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