Advanced Level Courses

damero advanced

This course is available in modules of 3, 6, 9 and/or 12 months (containing 12, 24, 36, 48 videos respectively), very flexible to your needs,  level C1 and C2, according to the CEFR:

What will you find in the videos and exercises? For example:

  • As a huge fan of the film industry, Tom talks passionately about his all time favourite films, the rebirth of a genre and who his heroes are and why!  Amongst learning technical film vocabulary he uses focused 3rd Conditional contexts to keep you engaged and always learning.The free bloopers at the end of this course show you also what it’s like trying to film when you can’t stop laughing.
  • There is no escaping the use of get in English so Tom and Vicki hit the studio to elaborate on various expressions, covering grammar like: modal verbs in the past, had to and the negative didn’t have to and might/ should have.Video dialogues will help students try to copy and repeat the target language using our voice tech function in our “Mic it up” section -where your learners get the chance to speak and record their voice using the latest voice recognition tech, to be checked with their designated teacher.
  •  If you could go anywhere on your honeymoon  where would it be? This is just one of the typical questions Vicki asks the undergraduates to demonstrate the use of the conditional 2. Keep your ears sharp as these guys speak quickly, with varying accents. Slang and famous people are just a couple of the insights students will pick up, eliciting some solid grounds for discussion through our forums or in class with your designated teacher. For instance, what would you do if the Internet ceased to exist?

To see a a demo of this course, please, first register in our campus and then in the course.  Access to the Campus.