Allow your students access in the cloud anytime, anywhere, with any device


Multidevice access

Today, online experience means adapted to the broad range of user devices, from the small smartphones to Smart TV. The users have the power to connect wherever, whenever and however they want.

The Online Campus offers your students the flexibility to learn on their own terms, anywhere they are, within a personalized online environment and with immediate access to the courses they’re following – while putting teachers in control of their students’ progress, and providing the institution with stats and reports at the click of a button.

Your students will benefit from engaging, carefully graded materials, thanks to the selected tools to use in the Language Training by the
b-learning world community experts
. Whether they work in class, at home or on the go, as they complete the tailored pathway you’ve created for them, the platform will give them an easy way to monitor their progress and remain motivated – while also knowing that their teachers have immediate access to their work. Moreover you can get the control over the teacher´s activities, and know how many students and courses are running at every moment in your school.

Thanks to the internal messaging system, staying in touch with students and teachers for feedback and support has never been easier.