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And why selecting an adequate corporate Learning Management System (LMS) matters.

Among history’s famous figures, Napoleon ranks tall as a strategic genius. His capacity to adapt faster than the enemy to changing circumstances leveraged on speed and mobility. By breaking up his large army into smaller, fast-moving divisions he was able to outmaneuver his opponents. Instead of marching a prescribed place to meet the enemy, Napoleon would throw his divisions into a scattered pattern and, depending on how the enemy reacted, he would close in from several directions.

From a technical standpoint, Napoleon understood the importance of reliability and performance. He gave his field marshals who led these smalls divisions complete freedom to make decisions in the moment, without having to consult him. Operationally, the divisions were easily deployable and flexible, light on their feet, moving with just backpacks. The costs of mobilizing these forces were minimum. 

The strategy led him to one victory after another.

In this age of technological revolution, speed and mobility too are critical. Like Napoleon, this means paying supreme attention to strategy and creating a business structure whose components fit the times.

As a pivotal part of your business, choosing an adequate corporate Learning Management System requires strategic focus. The design of a myriad of key drivers will critically hinge on this decision, ranging from training programs to competencies frameworks.

You will need to see the horizon with clarity, understand your starting point, define your destination, and, finally, take action. Akin to Napoleon’s determination on the prototype of formation he wanted on the battlefield, you will need to make a decision on the sort of enterprise education process landscape you want for your business.

Do you prefer an online education solution that is package-based or by contrast one that is custom developed? What are the pros and cons of each one? What technical, operational, and budgetary matters should you consider when making this decision?

Embark with Adhoc Learning on our next webinar on “Select your best corporate e-learning LMS” (March 15th). We will help you elevate yourself above the battlefield and select the LMS that can yield the long-lasting returns that you expect on your educational investment.

For we understand that every battle is won before it is fought (Sun Tzu).

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