Beginner Level Courses

damero beginner

This course is available in modules of 3, 6, 9 and/or 12 months (containing 12, 24, 36, 48 videos respectively), very flexible to your needs:

What will you find in the videos and exercises? For example:

  • Tom & Vicki take you on a trip to a charming and unique town called Hay on Wye. Tom shows Vicki around the local market, buys some pheasants and later he cooks them in the kitchen. Food vocabulary and the relative verbs are taught here – enabling students to gain vital language to talk about daily activities and interests.From these videos not only will the student learn hundreds of new words in relation to food, tourism, numbers, cooking and grammar covering uncountable nouns and third-person conjugations, ‘have to’ as a modal verb, imperatives and the pronunciation of ‘have’ vs ‘have to’.
  • Both Tom and Vicki go through the often confusing difference between do and make so that you can talk about your daily activities and routines. In terms of grammar they cover: conjugating correct question forms, asking appropriate questions and understanding the difference between the present, past simple and present perfect. A practice dialogue to finish off will allow students to think of contexts in which to practise these forms.
  • Studio based grammar videos covering key concepts of talking about past habits or actions so students can continue to build their base of listening and audio knowledge and gain more confidence when talking about their lives, personal or family information – for example. Additionally, students will be able to combine adverbs of frequency with vocabulary covering common language associated with daily activities, such as food, shopping etc.

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