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In today’s world, education delivery is finding the elements to move forward climbing another step of the ladder of progress by achieving its main objective: “Deliver the right education to the right people at the right time”

It may look a dream to many educators, but in no more than ten years we have been witness of important evolution in the required fields. Basically IT technology is more and more user and developer friendly, closer to the teacher and to the student. And communications are faster and more reliable. Hardware is also ahead of software and will continue to be.

You may wonder, why all of us don’t we enter this new world without hesitation? The answer to that is a very complex matter: Personal and organization behaviors.

The inhibitor is in the human being himself. For man years I have been involved in deploying projects where IT was driving change and the main stoppers were the end users at all levels. They resisted again change. Sometimes because confidence on the new system, sometimes because panic to the unknown and most of the times just because they just didn’t want to change the way they have been doing things for years.

In Blended Learning, and specially in the field of language teaching we find that teachers are reluctant to change methods, they even close their ears to the reality. When we demonstrate to them they may offer a more personalized service to students, reduce shifting time, be more creative, increase their productivity and as a consequences their incomes. Well you may ask yourself again why not going for blended learning then?

The answer might be shocking but I arrived to the conclusion that it is because they have fear to the change, and uncertainty of the results. Well this has to be accepted, it’s human being reality. Only alternative is to work hard with them and without dismay, try to understand their worries and objections and design ad hoc plans and strategy to walk along with them by hand.

As Duane Dickey demonstrates in his video (Classroom move to Blended Learning), the most rewarding thing a teacher can give to students is personalized attention, because the student will return to him/her learning achievements, interest on the matter, motivation. All this can be achieved by Blended Learning. Only with Blended Learning you may apply the best delivery method available for each specific learning objective.

In Adhoc Language, we try to make life easier to teachers and content producers who want to move to Blended Learning as we combine our experience in education and adoption of change. A challenge to everybody.


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