Building interactive content with H5P course


Target Audience:

  • Language Teachers
  • Content developers


To learn how to use H5P resources to train online students in the main skills of the language


  1. Learning objectives to be reached with H5P tool.
  2. Raw material design and production
  3. Instructional Design to identify e-learning resources
  4. Learning objects implementation with H5P on Moodle (Dialog cards; Flashcards; Memory Game; Hotspots; Interactive Video and Question Sets)
  5. Testing phase


4 hours in two sessions of 2 hours each

Media used to teach the course:

Virtual Classroom or Skype

Students not having our OCLT (Online Campus for Language Teaching from Adhoc Language) will be provided with our Teacher’s Café.

(*) If students don’t have their own video library with video-streaming capability we may set up one in our hosting.

Course material will be provided to participants at the end of the course.

Student support

Students’ support after the course will be provided by email within reasonable dedication.


Sessions are organized on demand and grouping a maximum of three participants from different enterprises.


Participants from Adhoc Language customers will obtain a 30% discount on list price.

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