Can Online Teachers enjoy “siesta”?

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To answer the question, let me explain you what “siesta” is, in case you haven’t heard that word yet. Siesta is a nap you take after lunch, say after having had coffee. This is a “Spanish best practice” exported to Latin America by Colon and that British couldn’t deploy it due to the “Tea time”. Medical advice says that it is very healthy to have 15 to 20 minutes rest after lunch, you recharge batteries and you may keep working full of energy afterwards.

Now the answer to the question is yes if they follow the Adhoc Language recipe I am explaining below.

I’ve been with a number of online teachers that claim they have no time to develop online material and as a consequence they can’t enjoy siesta. To fix this problem is not just time management what you have to do, it is to use our platform resources intelligently; think of the following:

  1. Use the “Forum activity” to write down a sequence of posts related to the sessions and activities you’ll have with your students along the course. Schedule the publication of them in a way that every week of the course, at least one post goes to the audience. In your posts requests opinion and encourage students to participate. You’ll have students interacting each other and you will be supervising and gathering material for your onsite classes. Posts may include all kind of multimedia material, i.e.: YouTube podcasts.
  2. Use the “Glossary activity” to request students to record the words and concepts they found in the Forum posts, interesting to be shared with the rest of the audience or just because they want to remember those words. You could request three words per student to be input in the Glossary. You always may supervise words and concepts description given by students before they are released to the whole class.
  3. Once the Glossary is populated you may use the “Games module” to let the system create all sort of games, i.e.: Crosswords, Hangman, Millionaire, Snakes & Ladders, etc.

All this material could be of a great help for you to create additional one, after siesta. The important point here is to get into motion and you will see how ideas come to your mind. All these activities are also empowered using our Mobile App, where students and teachers get popups in their mobile devices (Android and IOs based) of others’ activities and reminders.

In summary, you will have to dedicate some time before the course starts to design and schedule posts and then you’ll have to connect to the campus, three or four times a week to review activities, but your time dedication, as Online Tutor will be optimized. All this work takes place on the first edition of the class. Later editions of the class may reuse the same material. This is an investment for you.

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