Course of Preparation for CILS-B2 certification exam


The number of students that want to obtain one of the most prestigious certificate of Italian language (CILS – Certificato di conoscenza della lingua italiana awarded by the Università per Stranieri di Siena) is always increasing. Nowadays it is essential to prove the knowledge of foreign languages with an official certificate

This online course is designed for B2 students of Italian language that can’t attend classroom courses CILS exam preparation.

Our course “Preparation CILS B2” is organized into 10 units and several tutorials where the teacher guides students in their learning-journey. Each of the units is structured around a specific topic, similar to those required in examination papers and the student pursues strengthen linguistic, socio-linguistic and pragmatic level required for the exam.

This course been built by expert teachers from aulaItalia, one of our leading edge customers.

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