Practitioner education in our YouTube Channel


In our YouTube channel we present you a compilation of the most successful webinars that complement our customer support, covering hot topics of interest to the community of language teaching.

Following you will find a list of webinars run over last years. Webinars have been recorded and post produced to shorten them and split in chapters to make easier the watching of them. In the following links we take you to the playlist.

  1. Instructional Design
  2. Online Tutor Role
  3. Manage a Virtual Classroom
  4. Running a Virtual Classroom
  5. Level Tests as cornerstone for Adaptive Learning
  6. Education Metrics
  7. Certification Exams
  8. Manage Competencies
  9. Select your best corporate LMS
    1. 2017 edition
    2. 2018 edition
    3. Moodle 3.4 update

Webinars have been complemented with a package containing:

  • The webinar presentation and speaker notes
  • The Questions from participants and Answers from Adhoc Language Board (You may find this published in our company website in the News and Events section)

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