English Language

Definitely, if you are thinking about learning or improving your English, Show Me English is a fantastic option. After two months using the platform, I can say it is a really good and complete way to learn English. You have an extensive content of grammar in every course, different types of exercises to improve and evaluate your knowledges, a wide glossary in each course with all the vocabulary, games, a forum to communicate with teachers and others students, helpful speaking exercises, etc.
What most I like are probably the videos, I think they are funny and didactic at the same time, and in some of them you can learn interesting stuff about different topics, like the history of tea, the London Eye or the past of one famous street of London related with music, Denmark Street.
Moreover, in my opinion the two most useful tools that the platform has, are the dictionary and the forum. The first because thanks to the dictionary tool you can know instantly the meaning of any word only clicking twice in her. Respect to the forum, I think it is a very good tool to communicate with teachers, other students and sharing experiences, doubts, etc.
Also I would like to mention the progress bar and the level up app because I think they are some simple and funny guides wich can guide and motivate the students.

In conclusion, I can say that Show Me English is a very complete platform for learning English.

Javier, Student

With more than 250 unique videos, filmed in dynamic locations and with studio reviews, Show Me English is a fresh and dynamic docu-style English learning show hosted by its creators Tom Dillon (UK) and Vicki Scott-Ross (USA).

Follow them on their fun travels as they bring you content covering: music, fashion and beauty, tourism, art, movies, bushcraft and firemaking… and many more cool ideas, in lots more great locations – prepared into focused video courses. Business English will be coming soon, of course.

What better way to learn fixed expressions, vocabulary and grammar, and pronunciation with two of the industry’s most dedicated teaching professionals.

Some of the accessible features from your campus:

  • Covering the 4 skills by level: Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Courses adapted to the 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • 250+ unique videos: varied topics and different accents
  • Maximum flexibility: use only the pre-built content or add your own content too
  • Full student´ tracking: act as an e-tutor

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