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It was in January 1992 in the Thomas Watson IBM International Education Centre when I managed the Client-Server IT curriculum for EMEA. I was training IBM clients and IBM professionals in the software developed by the IBM laboratories around the world. Competition was fierce, as usual.

IBM was the pioneer in computer networking. We had developed all the standards. Then, a new technology came from outside, called TCP/IP. You can imagine that it was scary to be an IBM expert at that time. Who would want to learn from my academy, likened to an “outdated” company? I had to do something, and do it quickly or I would get fired.

So I decided to engage a publishing professional, draw an advert of one of my computer communication courses and publish it in a couple of printed technical magazines.

Suddenly, my courses started to fill up with new blood as well as professionals I already knew, and who supported this big change. Through the involvement of both groups, I created a new loyal community.
In today’s world you are probably going through these kinds of game-changing events yourself.

Would you like to know the secret from one of the experts on how to acquire and engage loyal students for your online education programs? Guus Goorts Manager of Crystal Marketing will be sharing his experience with us in a 3′ podcast.

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