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Many English learners are looking for language school reviews that could help them decide which one to enroll in. They would not normally tell you this but the queries proved that more and more learners are relying on these reviews.

Whether it’s for additional information or inspiration for the learners, having great reviews can give tremendous benefit to your English language school. In fact, now, you can never do without them.

Good reviews are nice to have, but only great reviews are truly convincing.

You can make these great reviews work for your language school, but, you have to get them first of course.

Now, we have to know which review is good and which one is great.

Here’s an example of a “good” review:

“The teacher communicates well with the students and makes the lessons easy to understand.”

This is a good review because it’s basically saying that the teacher has the right qualities and if you enroll to this course is that you’ll surely learn.

I think you would agree that It is a positive kind of review and it really is good enough. But, it’s missing something vital.

What’s missing will become clearer with this next review:

“A lively teacher whose classes are engaging and practical, with focus on everyday context. The role-play sessions help a lot in applying what we learnt to everyday scenarios. I learn better in terms of forming sentences to express myself. My teacher is patient and inspiring and I’m very motivated to take on more classes under him. In addition, due to the small focus group (8 to 10 of us), my classmates are now my friends!”

Now, this one is a great review. What lacks the good review are the details of the overall learning experience with the school. With reviews like this, learners will be able to imagine or visualize how it will be like in your school’s English class.

The difference between the two reviews would be the essence of the statements. To put it in context, the good review focused more on the “definition” of your product, while the great review emphasizes on the “meaning” of the product for your client.

But the matter is, your language school can rarely get a “great” review if you just handed them out forms and ask the learners to write about their class or school. Although some students that are truly happy are willing to write a great review for you, not all of them are capable writers.

They also don’t know how important a great review is for their school of choice. And often than not, students aren’t asked to write one too.

So, how do we get great reviews from our learners:

  1. Ask personally. The best ones to do this would be their teachers. They are the ones who are directly linked with them and have spent a considerable amount of time. Perhaps, the people who have recommended or referred your school to them.
  1. Face-to-Face Conversation. Start the discussion with open-ended questions and take notes. Ask openly for any suggestions about where to improve and let them elaborate.
  1. Write-up a review on their behalf. Be truthful and accurate to the conversation. Do not exclude any negative points (if there are any) and try to use as much of the student’s words as much as possible.
  1. Ask for their consent. Show them the write up and verify if that’s what they meant. And change if necessary. Ask them if it’s ok to publish the review with their name.

Remember you are the one who is going to benefit with the reviews. Make it as easy for your students rather than giving them a review writing assignment. It’s all about helping them help you.

Not everyone is a great review writer, so you have to do the writing, but you have to check back with the students too.

Let me emphasize that you should never use this method to let a student say something he doesn’t intend to say. That kind of trickery will catch up with you. Writing the review is about getting the best written review without having to burden your student for it!

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