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And how you can boost your business via online adaptive learning and level-testing.

Treading through the wilderness can be a source of inspiration for some, and of despair for others. Many hiking enthusiasts enjoy the benefits of a challenging outdoor trek. Others, pray for the painstaking activity to end. In essence, what separates the achievers from the quitters are two factors: (i) the difficulty of the hike, and (ii) a hikers’ physical condition. These two elements typically determine the level of the hike.

More often than not, your employees embark on the wrong hike. Training programs may have fallen to the times. Competencies frameworks, if they exist, might be ill-suited failing to adapt learning paths to the needs of each of your employees. As a result, the productivity in your business dips, you miss your targets. You have less resources to invest on human capital. You dismiss these cumulative events as a “bad year,” but, in truth, the vicious cycle repeats itself, pushing your business one step closer to the edge.

You can however act now and revert this pernicious trend. And the hike back to growth does not have to be rocky.

First, you need to see the horizon with clarity, take back control, and set your perspectives adequately: you need to define your enterprise education process landscape in your business. Gather education needs, design tailored education plans, and swiftly and efficiently deploy and execute them.

Once you have done this, you will want to set each of your employees on an adaptive learning path, tailored to their profile. A precise way of doing so is via level-testing.

Let’s assume, by way of example, a sales career. A typical climb-to-the-top might look like this: you start as a junior sales specialist, grow to an account manager, become a senior sector manager, and, finally, reach the summit as a sales manager. Each of these profiles are critically defined by two factors: (i) the targets and objectives set upon them (read as “difficulty of the hike”) and their degree of experience (akin to a hikers’ “physical condition”). Level-testing allows you to place each one of these profiles in the right learning module according to these factors. Moreover, it can help you spot learning gaps, shorten education efforts, and increase performance management. You will quickly pick out key weaknesses in your workforce (e.g. by calibrating their responses to certain questions during the tests) that can help you design action plans to specifically target them. In short, you will obtain what you were longing for: an objective and tangible approach to measure the return on your educational investment efforts (REI).

Understandably, as a hiker who has embarked upon many journeys, you might be skeptical. Can this be as good as it sounds? You might say “there were never rosy ascents.”

At Adhoc Learning and Adhoc Language, we can prove otherwise.

We believe that the hike through the wilderness can be one of inspiration for you and your business. That consistency and processes matter in unleashing the potential of your employees

So embark with us on our next webinar on “Level tests cornerstone for adaptive learning,” (February 15th), you may click here to enroll. We will help you tame the wilderness, and broaden your perspectives on how online adaptive learning and level-testing can help to take your business to the next level.

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