How to Improve Your Web Page?

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You want your web page working for your language school all the time, pre-qualifying prospects, developing relationships with new students, and importantly, selling your language lessons.

Does your web page do any of these things?

Clearly identify and pre-qualify your target market.

So when you address your niche market directly on your web page, your potential students should feel like they have arrived home. If you’re leaving your web page generic, your page will be much less effective as a marketing tool and slow your success.

Show that you have viable solutions to their unique problems.

Instead of talking about what English language training can do for them, talk about how you can help them get where they want to go.

It can be useful to narrow your scope and select a niche. If you follow this concept you’ll experience the advantages of focusing on one very narrow niche market, especially if you’re an independent teacher marketing yourself as a freelancer and trying to win students instead of working for a larger school.

When it comes to attracting ideal students to your language school, specificity wins and generalities lose. If your students can tell that you know exactly what their issues are, you’ll build trust more quickly and they will invest in your services more readily.

Convey your brand and authentic voice.

One of the most important things is to understand your IDENTIFY. Your brand (logo, colours, name, title, tag line etc.) speaks volumes about who you are, and helps your ideal student connect with you. Include a professional (but not too stuffy looking) headshot on your banner and add in a 30 second audio or video clip of you to build trust.

Give to your students a no-risk opportunity to experience your magic.

Unfortunately, no one buys language lessons through a web page. First, you must build trust. Freebies, such as a short free lesson PDF, online assessments to measure their English level – something you’ve created that provides relevant value to your niche market and shows you off well – will help them warm up to your offerings. Capture their e-mail address with a web form to deliver the freebie, and then follow up with thoughtful, compelling auto-responder messages.

Build a bond of trust while you raise your credibility.

Speak about yourself. People will buy into your personality and character. However long and formal CVs will bore them. Do a short, very short bio next to pictures of any additional teachers in your team, put certifications, degrees and other relevant information at the bottom or in a side box.




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