IELTS exam preparation online courses

Adhoc Language provides you with courses to get trained on successfully passing the IELTS certification exam.

The IELTS exam is characterized by having a variety of different question types and activity, with the aim of equipping candidates with the kind of skills they will need in everyday communication situations.

The on-line IELTS practice material offered at Adhoc Language has been designed to get you thinking about and practising the kind of activity you’ll find in the exam itself.

The contents cover a wide range of topic and exercise type, so you’ll get plenty of exposure to a typical IELTS situation, but without the added stress or having to face the real exam.

Take advantage of the platform to practise the different exercise blocks as often as you like to gain greater familiarity with the language and lexis.

Should you be interested, ask Adhoc Language or click here for a sample (you may need to register to the website and then enroll to the course).