Intermediate Level Courses

damero intermediate

This course is available in modules of 3, 6, 9 and/or 12 months (containing 12, 24, 36, 48 videos respectively), very flexible to your needs, level B1 and B2, according to the CEFR:

What will you find in the videos and exercises? For example:

  • Vicki takes you round the tea company in Madrid called Amate to give you a detailed history of the world-popular beverage. Grammar is covered in the form of reported speech, the past simple for regular and irregular verbs.
  • In these cross-cutting videos your hosts compare the grammatical use of: adverbs of while and although when talking about Notting Hill and Camden and their locational and historical differences.
    Just as + adjective + as, despite/ in spite of + noun, as well as pronunciation of silent sounds keeps this group of videos always challenging for B2 learners.
  • As your students’ ears should be more attuned to native speakers at this level, this is a great group of videos listening to a guest speaker in one of T&V’s trips to Wales, as Mick Collins, an ex special forces soldier talks them through the finer points of survival and bushcraft.
    Grammar covered: Do or make, get or have got,  uncountable nouns and quantifiers, modals with might, reviewing regular verbs and conditional 2, going to + infinitive, modal verbs, passive and present perfect.
    Pronunciation covered includes /ɪ/ versus /i:/ in such words as live or leave.

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