Manage competencies and education needs online workshop

Course Objectives

(Visit our YouTube Channel and search for the Manage Competencies Playlist where you’ll find the recordings of the whole webinar and you will have a deeper understanding of what will be covered in the workshop)

Enterprise innovation requires motivated professionals. Motivation comes when the future is challenging, and when you have the chance to get prepared to face it.

Most valued enterprises are the ones that take care of their professionals’ training and offer a Career Path.

In this course we will explain how you may dynamically gather  Education Needs and implement an online Competency Framework and Career Path using Moodle as base system.

A case study will be presented to help you understand the methodology used and we’ll lead you to do the same for your enterprise in the sector where your company operates.

This course is ideal for the following families of professionals:

  • e-learning specialists and instructional designers
  • HR Learning and Development specialists
  • Curriculum Managers
  • Academic and Training Managers
  • HR Managers

It might be interesting for you to read the article: “Build a responsive Education Plan

Agenda and Course Activities

The event agenda includes several webinar sessions.

Content is split into the following sections:

  • Sales Competency Framework case study
  • Design of your Competency Framework
  • Initial input to your education needs
  • Online implementation of competency frameworks on Moodle
  • Deployment of Career Path Governance Model
  • Assessing works and conclusions

Course activities are developed by participants using our Teacher’s Lab environment. Each participant will be provided with a private online campus environment where exercises will be performed and reviewed with moderators and peers.