Motivate your students with “Online Tutoring” workshop

Course objectives

During our previous webinar we presented the challenges students and teacher face when experiencing e-learning.

  • Train teachers how to use the online tutoring to increase and maintain education quality and student’s motivation
  • Apply instructional design techniques to train students using asynchronous interactions with them
  • Learn communication best practices using the following resources:
    • Posting design
    • Rubric design
    • Establish a grading scheme to measure student’s progress
    • Master using the following online resources:
      • Messaging: Forums; Providing Feedback (Survey, Quiz, Assignment); Mobile App
      • Collaborative: Workshop assignment (& rubrics); Forum & Wiki; Virtual Classroom
      • Grading activities: Gradebook.
  • Size and manage teacher effort/costs when performing the Online Tutor role

Course activities

The course is in workshop mode, that means participants will perform a number of exercises.

Timing is very flexible and self paced. You decide when to participate. It is expected that you work for 12 hours approximately in total but you are free to dedicate more or less, it’ll be for your benefit.

There are two one hour webinars scheduled that will be recorded for later review as well:

  1. The “Take-off” webinar
  2. The “Closing” webinar

Individual and collaborative activities will be monitored by the Workshop moderator (Online tutor) and students as well (playing the role of teachers)

It is expected you dedicate an average of 20′ per day, but as said this is flexible and you can do it at any time according your availability.

Tools used in the workshop

The purpose of the course is not to be trained on IT tools, although you’ll use them to perform the exercises. You’ll get the minimum information required to use the tools efficiently.

  • An online campus based on Moodle LMS
  • A videoconferencing system (Virtual Classroom) based on Big Blue Button v1.1
  • A mobile App synchronized with the campus

It is up to the participant to present the exercises using MS Office products, although it is not required.