Sincerely, do I speak English?

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This is the big question in job interviews. In my case, understanding, reading and even writing are relatively good, but when I face a native verbally feel at a disadvantage. And in many cases, that’s the difference between getting a job or career or closing a business.

What happens to us many Spanish? Since I have relatively good fluidity gives me some embarrassment to speak with native speakers. And obviously, if you do not practice, not improvements. And if no improvements are unsafe to speak. You walk into a vicious circle.

One option is to go for a good season to an English native country to work or study and if possible without family or friends that let you “refuge” for much of the day in your mother tongue. It is estimated that it takes about 6 hours a day for a year to talk about “immersion”. The circumstances of one often will not allow it.

Another option is to pay for English classes. If you go in a group (reduced), say 6-8 people, for every hour of English you do, you talk … 5 minutes? That does not seem much. If you want a tutor to yourself, the cost you have to put one more zero. Not to mention how space “place” those hours in the busy schedule we have.

Ideally I need a tutor who had a reasonable price, which is available when I want, with which I do speak at least 50-60% of the time it was me and that have all the patience in the world to correct me as often as necessary . But, does it exist?

You could say I’ve found something similar from Carnegie Speech and it is called Native Accent. It is the result of a spin-off of Carnegie Mellon University. This product is not well known yet, but I foresee a great success. It has a voice recognition engine really outstanding, really understands what you mean. It asks you your native language (as pronunciation errors associated usually go very related to) and assesses you in detail. And, after that, it proposes a personalized exercise plan. The exercises consist of talking, talking, talking more (with the help of written text or without). They are comprehensive and work not only phonemes (sounds), but the emphasis, pauses, fluency and grammar. It’s really demanding. I assure you that after one hour of practice you’re really exhausted. It is estimated that with 20 hours of practice one can achieve significant progress. For example are 3 hours per week for six weeks. The challenge seems to get be isolated and focused during that time. Nobody said it was easy, but seems achievable.

What about the price? $ 300 for one year of use (approximately 250 euros as I write this). How many English classes can pay with that?

If you are a skeptical (which I think is perfect), you can take the pre-assessment, which costs $ 10 and see what the results are. For my part, I’m trying. Within a few weeks I’ll tell you what were the results.


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