Teachers’ Café: your free campus

What is Teachers’ Café?

Teachers’ Café is a private and online area for language teachers inside of the adhoc language demo campus.

If you are a language teacher and you are interested in knowing and trying our online campus for language teaching, now you can develop your own blended learning courses and try them with some students for free.


  •  Free: no fees or charge for using it.
  • Online: 100% online accessible with computer or any mobile device
  • Private: you keep the property of your content
  • Unlimited time: use it all the time!
  • Courses: create up to 3 courses, even in different languages!
  • Students: enrol up to 10 students in your area to teach them with your new program

Activities and resources

Teachers´ Café Resources


How can you start?

In Teachers’ Café, you will not be alone! We will provide you a self-study beginners course to train you in the most frequent components you will require to build a course.

Contact us and ask for your Teachers´ Café. Send us an email to: info@adhoclanguage.com
Spain; Singapore; Australia; Germany; Turkey and France

Beginners’ course

This course lasts three to four hours. It is free of charge for teachers and professionals of education.

Its main objective is to develop your capabilities as content producer using the features and authoring tools provided by the platform.

By doing the exercises you will learn how to:

Add pictures and videos to your content
Handle collaborative Forums
Create a glossary of terms and concepts
Compile different types of games
Record student’s voice
Create quizzes of several types of questions
Create interactive video exercises
Additionally we will invite you to fill in a survey that will help us to better understand your teacher or business profile and work with you to design an implementation action plan.