Beatriz Bernhard – General Manager, PasswordLearn School

I’ve been using dispersed cloud services for a while. When I learnt about Adhoc Language (& Adhoc Learning) I found that cost was much lower and I was adding quality to my services as well. We are language teachers and not IT people, Adhoc Language understands that and makes our lives easier. Without their help it wouldn’t have been possible for us to jump into this new world. Adhoc Language services provided, gather everything you need to get your business in place with an easy to use and well supported management system. Yes, I’d recommend Adhoc Language to peer companies, even if they are my competitors but the sun should rise to everybody. Sincerely, every day that goes on, I value more and more the assets I am creating. This is a profitable investment.

Edward Collins – ShowMeEnglish Manager

When I was in the process of looking for a collaborator/ partner who could help me to get my content into a logical and simple to follow platform, to scale services in the education industry. Actually, I was recommended by another associate to contact Adhoc. Works started immediately and it was relatively easy, despite the learning curve. There will be challenges but this is what Adhoc does best, to train and troubleshoot problems, as quickly as possible. In fact the response has been excellent and enabled me to move forward quicker than expected. Adhoc Language (& Learning) stands out in the quality of knowledge, level of service, fairness of competitive pricing and above all being at the edge of tech which enables growth for many organizations, who want their staff or customers to have access to their products and services, in an online, modern platform, which can be easily updated. I don’t know where I would be, honestly, without the help of Adhoc Language/Learning, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the team. It’s always a pleasure to learn from them and have their guidance, when needed.

Daniela Guidi – aulaitalia school Manager

We engaged Adhoc services to create our own courses, have a learning management platform and all the associated support required.
The take off period was really fast, once started we went deeper and deeper with the help of Adhoc team.
Adhoc team stands out on availability and speed to act. Every time I had a question or doubt they were prompt responding and resolving any issue.
I recommend Adhoc to others indeed, we are very satisfied.