The New World of Language Schools

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Language schools and language teachers are facing a new age of business, I already explained some of the human related aspects in a previous post. Internet has been shaping a new type of business, like it has happened in other sectors and industries.

Internet has been the enabler to connect students and teachers anywhere anytime.

Learning a language has been converted into a continuous Learning experience, which fits very well with what is needed to acquire the skills required to master a language.

Learning a language is not like learning maths or history. Those matters involve different parts of the brain and developing deductive and memory skills. Learning a language require to exercise your human senses. It is like gymnastics. Sport professionals train every day, if they don’t, they’ll never improve their marks.

So learning a language requires commitment, discipline and of course a minimum degree of tuning of your human senses. The rest comes with your teacher and the access to education resources.

Teachers and students find very suitable to be interconnected through internet. Teachers no longer need to meet students in a room. They can do it through internet in virtual classrooms, forums, chats or exchanging feedback by mail or through an LMS (Learning Management System).

As a consequence of that, language schools do not need to invest in a brick and mortar building. Does it mean that the ones who have it, they have to sell it? I would say it will depend on their balance sheet. What I’m saying is that is no longer a prerequisite.

From a teaching method point of view, being ubiquitous represents a change as well. Students will find most of education resources in internet, either in a campus or in hundreds of free websites.

Again discipline replaces effort. It is more important to tune your ears and challenge your writing every day for twenty minutes than being feed up on weekends for a couple of hours.

Teachers will transform their face to face teaching skills to web presence by providing timely and direct feedback. Advantage of the new world is that they can do it anytime anywhere. There is no constraint of student availability.

Teachers may get together to create new business in a much more flexible way and with very small investment. It is true they’ll need to work to create digital content but once is done the assets are there and can be reused thousands of times either simultaneously or sequentially. The key is to select your LMS and technical support provider.

Once infrastructure is there, you just need students. Most of schools think students will come on their own, but surprisingly an online language school based on the web, becomes like any other service and product and requires appropriate advertisement. Therefore, think of a marketing plan to attract your ideal students.

If you are able to find a solution provider that supports you with the three new legs of your business: technology, instructional design and marketing you’ll optimize your investment and you may become the Language Master of the Universe.

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