Unleashing the potential of your employees

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And how corporate e-learning can help take your business to the next level.

Tapping into the talent of your workforce is often fraught with complexity and, at times, riddled with uncertainty. All too often, managers struggle to identify the true potential of their team-members. More often than not, the processes to this end, if they exist, are flawed, inaccurate, and tied to the old-ways-of-doing-things, providing a false sense of comfort to those who faithfully conduct them.

The result in your organization might be one leading to squandered resources and a costly disconnect between the intrinsic nature of your business (its vision, what it stands for) and its most tangible, visible side -what the market, stakeholders, and competitors can actually see.

At the heart of the problem might lie how you manage your employees and their competencies. It could be that you are not leveraging on the adequate tools to tap into the full (and sometimes hidden) potential of your employees.  Or, perhaps, you might just be missing out on how corporate e-learning can help your employees and your business thrive in an increasingly technologically-driven environment.

As a manager, you are well aware of the skills of each of your team-members. You can also identify areas in which their know-how is at its best. Yet, you sometimes struggle in blending those skills with their know-how and fully exploiting this combination when applied to each employee’s function(s) in the workplace. In other words, you find yourself at a disadvantage in defining and exploiting your employees’ competencies. Even when you do spot a competency, it might just be merely by chance. Worse, you might lack a system to streamline the process. As a result, your productivity suffers, your results dip. You have less resources to invest on your human capital. And so the circle goes on.

Corporate e-learning reverts this vicious cycle. It can help you bridge the gap and reconnect your business’ “why” with the “what.” It can help you devise a competency framework, tailored to your business’ needs that will streamline how you identify your employees’ key competencies and how you will nurture and grow them (e.g. via e-learning corporate training) so they become strategic assets for your business, giving you an edge relative to your competitors. Not only will you be able to offer a professional development career to your employees that makes them more loyal to your brand, you will also be linking your educational efforts to your business’ results with a clear, measurable impact of the return on your educational investment (REI).

Perhaps, this is the leap that your employees and your business have been waiting for.

Perhaps, it is time to shift your focus on “how” and unleash the potential of your employees.

At Adhoc Learning & Adhoc Language, we just happen to know how to do this.

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