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So how does a marketer in language training get students? Here are a few, simple tips:

Create a unique offer

It’s important not to propose to your students the lessons you are teaching. All language schools propose them. You need to make them different by creating a solution that meets the need of a particular market. For example, if you are a specialist in legal English, you could create a package called “Legal English Extra” that blends a legal English test, individual lessons, online vocal lessons and certified exam. This differentiates you and is easy for the prospect to understand what you do and why you are different.

Build a subscriber list

Obviously having a web site is important. And ensuring that potential students and/or decision makers find it is even more so. But this is not new. What is important is that you will have many people visit your website because they are potentially interested in your school, but they might not contact you. What is important is that they remain potentially in contact with you through subscribing to your newsletter. Every time anyone contacts you, whether it is through the web, telephone, drop-in, etc. you must make it a priority to recuperate email addresses and add them to your subscriber list. And then you need to regularly contact these people with interesting, value-added emails: exercises, articles, tests, promotions, etc. There are also ways you can put on your site to offer something in exchange for their email address (for example, free online test, white-paper, video, free lesson).

You see, prospective students and decision makers can sometimes take up to 2 years to decide to take lessons and when they do, you need to be there.

Use different marketing techniques

A language school now has several ways it could promote its services. It is important to use a few because it adds credibility to your offer if a prospective student sees your name in different areas. Apparently, it can take up to 7 times for someone to decide to work with you. Obviously, 7 emails will annoy them. So you need to mix it up. In language training, the most successful ways to market are a strong and content filled web site, newsletters and social media. Don’t try too many, but master the ones you do use.


Get partners

It can be a very powerful and quick way to establish partnerships with like-minded companies and people who promote your offer. For example:  governmental bodies, other HR experts, business clubs and associations. You can offer commissions, but the most important thing is to provide a very high quality service. No partner wants to lend their name to a service that might damage their reputation.

Use your current students

Your current student list is possibly the strongest way to develop potential students. You could use satisfaction questionnaires or interviews, discounts on future courses if a referral comes from a current student, or even a reward scheme. What is important is to ask. If you don’t, they won’t realize you’re looking for other students. Be open and honest: say you’d love to know if your student knows anyone else who might be interested. And don’t forget to keep them informed if you make any progress!

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